LANG 2061

Professional Writing for the Workplace

LANG 1403 or LANG 1404

LANG 2061 is a three-credit, one semester course offered in Fall and Spring semesters.  Students attend two 1.5 hour-lessons per week. The course offers students the language and communication skills and strategies to adapt their writing to any professional contexts. It increases student awareness of how writing creates change and convinces one to take action, and how audiences, contexts and genre call for different choices in language, organization, format and style. As students explore and analyze business genres, they learn how to shape and adapt their language skills, strategies and communication practices to meet the needs of various internal and external audiences including co-workers, supervisors, management and customers. The course also develops in students the ability to communicate in digital contexts by analyzing and producing texts including on email and social media. Students will develop a repertoire of language and communication skills and strategies and will write for various workplace needs.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Students can:

a) Develop and apply knowledge of a language and genre approach to identify and compare communicative and linguistic features, skills and strategies of a range of professional written genres in achieving business objectives.

b) Critically analyse and develop awareness of rhetorical context, purposes and audience (internal and external) needs and expectations to create effective communication skills and strategies in professional writing.

c) Evaluate and apply digital media communication principles and strategies in various professional contexts.

d) Organize texts logically and coherently to communicate information and ideas in professional writing.

e) Compose persuasive professional writings effectively to address specific purposes, audience, contexts.

f) Develop awareness of writing as a social process including giving, receiving and responding to feedback, and practicing teamwork and leadership

g) Demonstrate control of syntax, mechanics and style in writing for professional purposes.

h) Reflect on communication skills, strategies and methods in professional writing.