Mr. Derek WONG




2023 Journal Publication

Mentoring to Cross Conceptual Thresholds in the Scholarship of Teaching English Communication

Tang, Kum Khuan; Lee, Gek Ling; Wong, Chun Ho

Source: Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, v. 34, (3), 2023, p. 175-194

The practice of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) has been known to be troublesome to teachers. (Webb & Tierney, 2020). The authors argue that a mentoring approach based on threshold concepts in SoTL has the potential to lead to more confident conceptual border crossing by new entrants to the SoTL of English communication. A collaborative reflection by a departmental SoTL mentoring partnership was undertaken to identify changes in the mentees' knowledge of scholarship, context-specificity, and the development of expertise. The insights gained point to the efficacy of a knowledge- driven approach to academic mentoring for SoTL scholar development.

2016 Conference Paper / Presentation

Evaluating engineering students’ acquisition and accuracy of using course specific words in a Genre-based Technical Communication Writing Assessment

Au, Chui Han Anita; Wong, Chun Ho

Location: Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan