Mr. Graham ENGLAND



Graham England is an English Language Instructor who originally joined the Center for Language Education at HKUST in 2006 and since rejoined in 2010, after spending a year and a half learning Putonghua in Beijing. Originally from Sussex in England, Graham first moved to Hong Kong in 1990 before moving back to the U.K. a few years later. However it made a lasting impression as he returned to Hong Kong in 2001 and with the exception of the time spent in Beijing has lived here ever since. As well as teaching at HKUST Graham has also taught ESL in the corporate sector and at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Professional Interests

Graham is interested in the pedagogical and language learning benefits of film, which was the focus of his Master’s degree dissertation. He is also interested in the use and implementation of technology in the language classroom such as social networks and wikis. Graham is a project manager for the iLang team (the informal language curriculum) and is responsible for coordinating English writing workshops and language advising services.