Mr. John FUNG



John received his bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (Dean’s Honor List) from the University of Manitoba, Canada and his master’s degree in TESOL (distinctions in courses such as Communicative Language Teaching) from the University of London, UK. His teaching career spans more than twenty years, working in various institutions including secondary schools, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, and universities in Hong Kong.

In the past few years, John

  • worked as one of the investigators on a 3-year project titled Mastering the Technical Vocabulary of STEM, with a funding of about HK$ 4.8 million;
  • presented in a webinar on STEM vocabulary;
  • gave three talks on operationalizing a needs analysis model, pronunciation audit, and drama & English pronunciation in the summer 2021 EYE, an “end-of-year” event organized by the Center of Language Education, HKUST.

In the summer 2022, bearing “divide and conquer” in mind, he first and foremost investigated “coherence”, one of the CLE core areas for learning in the newly adopted Common Core Competency Framework and gave a talk about the end-weight principle.


In 2021, he won a Teaching Award for Scholarship presented by CLE, HKUST.

Professional Interests

John designed and ran workshops titled “When a quantitative researcher meets a qualitative researcher: the art of asking questions” after he completed two post-graduate courses on research methods with flying colors at HKU.

Spun off from the STEM vocabulary project, Building Business Freshmen’s Confidence in Using English, an ongoing project funded and supported by the Research Experience Project and On-campus Internship Program, has given him an opportunity to train a research assistant and two interns to build a Business English corpus and develop materials focusing on syntax, semantics, and sounds.

He is currently involved in another project on pronunciation, addressing the notion of intelligibility.


2021 Website

Mastering the Technical Vocabulary of STEM

KY Wu, Irene Ng, Anna PS Yu, Jerry Wong, John Fung, Joyce Lee, and Eric Lee