Koji SHIOMI holds a master’s degree in Education from Shiga University in Japan.

Since he started his career, he has been engaged in teaching in school and at institution and university in Japan and Hong Kong.

In Japan he contributed to the research and development of the Integrated Studies at the Attached Junior High School of Shiga University, and demonstrated teaching the Integrated Studies called BIWAKO TIME, which was positioned as the model Integrated Studies in Japan. When teaching in the Department of Education in Shiga University he delivered class management courses to the student-teachers.

Since moving to Hong Kong, he has been teaching Japanese language and culture at university. In 2015 he joined HKUST, where he has been coordinating and teaching Japanese courses.


For HKUST Students

Hello, everyone. こんにちは(Konnichiwa/Hello)

I am Koji SHIOMI, the teacher of Japanese at HKUST.

I was born in Shiga, Japan. There is a beautiful lake called Lake Biwa in my hometown. It is also known as "Mother Lake". 

I have been a teacher for a long time. I believe to teach or learn is to cultivate our future dreams. Let’s enjoy learning! Yes, I hope you have a good time with me and your classmates.

It is my pleasure to meet you and teach you Japanese language. Let's start!!

See you in my classes! 


科技大生のみなさん, こんにちは.

塩見(しおみ)と申します. 日本語コースを担当しております.

滋賀県出身です. 滋賀には琵琶湖という名前の日本で一番大きい湖があります. とてもきれいで Mother Lake と呼ばれています. この写真は 琵琶湖です.

日本でも香港でも, ずっと教職に従事しております. 教えること, 学ぶことは自分たちの夢を耕し育てることだと信じています.

日本語の学習を通して, 楽しい時間を過ごしましょう. みなさんといっしょに日本語の学習を進めていくことを楽しみにしております.

さあ, 始めましょう. 教室であいましょう.