Associate Director


Nora Hussin is the Associate Director (Scholarship and Staff) at the Center for Language Education, HKUST, with a dual role of advancing the Center's initiatives in scholarship, and staffing and well-being by working with various internal and external stakeholders. Nora received her PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. Having taught for 25 years, Nora has undertaken various leadership roles and served in various committees. An experienced student and teacher educator, Nora has taught at the postgraduate (Master of Arts in International Language Education; and MBA), undergraduate, secondary and primary levels. Nora believes in scholarship that benefits students, lecturers and the Center, and is driven to build a fair, safe, inclusive and equitable work environment.


Professional Involvement

  • Chair, Merit Salary Review Committee
  • Chair, Appointments and Promotion Committee
  • Project Leader, Observations of Teaching
  • Member, Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation
  • Member, Awards Committee

Professional Interests

  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Observations of teaching
  • Technology-enhanced language learning
  • Discourse analysis
  • Activity theory



2023 Conference Paper / Presentation

Flexibility and Choice in Peer Observation of Teaching in the Language Classroom

Jhaveri, Aditi; Hussin, Nora Anniesha Binte; Wo, Bernadette Wan-lan

Location: London, UK

Peer observation in language teaching within higher education has been recognized as valuable for teacher professional development, yet teachers’ attitudes towards observation practices remain mixed. Most criticisms of the practice are related to its top-down nature, teacher time constraints, and its rigid procedure. It has also been known to cause stress and anxiety. These drawbacks of peer observation of teaching (PoT) approaches have resulted in teachers perceiving a loss of agency in the process, and to their consequent sense of disempowerment. With the purpose of redressing these issues, the Center for Language Education at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, started introducing changes to its PoT model. A variety of observation formats were provided for teachers to choose from and the importance of dialogue with a peer, and reflexive praxis were emphasized. Through data collected from a survey, semi-structured interviews, and content analysis of written reflections, this study sought to examine teachers’ views about this new approach. Results show that: a) participants found the opportunity to talk about teaching with a trusted peer of their choice particularly rewarding and b) they mostly did not avail of the different PoT formats despite indicating through the survey that they welcome these options. The latter could be due to teachers’ unfamiliarity with new ways of conducting PoT or it could be reflective of the contradictions between what they think and what they do. This paper, therefore, raises key questions about flexibility and choice in PoT and discusses these issues in detail.

2022 Podcast / Video

Scholarship at the CLE: A collection of ideas

HUSSIN, Nora Anniesha Binte

A video series talking to CLE colleagues about what they think scholarship is, their thoughts on it, and what scholarship they have done or are doing.

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