Dr. Min NUO



NUO Min has joined the Center for Language Education, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology since 2006, teaching and developing courses in Chinese communication to both local and international students. Her areas of interest include translation studies, intercultural communication, curriculum design, and the teaching and learning of a second language.

Professional Interests

Chinese teaching and testing

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Curriculum design and course development in TCFL

Curriculum design of common core courses (LANG1120 - LANG1126) for non-Chinese language background students at HKUST
Course development: LANG 1120/1121/1122/1123: Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students I/II/III/IV

Social Media and L2 Learning

Intercultural Communication



2021 Chapter in Edited Volume


XU Xiufen & Nuo Min

2021 Scholarship Talk

Benchmarking, Curriculum Development and Students of Diverse Backgrounds: A University Program of L2 Chinese Courses in Hong Kong

Nuo Min

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

The First International Symposium on Teaching Standard Chinese and Cantonese as a Second Language in Higher Education (TCCSL): Curriculum Design, Pedagogy and Assessment

2019 Conference Presentation

Thought on online teaching from learner’s perspective從語言學習者的角度思考綫上教學

XU Xiufen & Nuo Min

Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, Dec 2019: Hybrid Learning and the MOOC Construction of Chinese International Education Seminar 漢語國際教育混合式教學與慕課建設研討會.
2019 Conference Presentation

Reviewing online Zoom teaching: From the perspective of learners and teachers

Nuo Min and Xu Xiufen

Beijing Language and Culture University

 Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, Dec 2019: 漢語國際教育混合式教學與慕課建設研討會 (Conference on Chinese BL Learning and MOOC Construction

2016 Conference Presentation

An empirical study of the relationship between L2 vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension

Nuo Min and Xu Xiufen

Presentation East China Normal University, Shanghai, August 2016: The 4th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research (CASLAR 4) 第四屆漢語作爲第二語言研究國際研討會

2013 Chapter in Edited Volume

Teaching Challenges Faced by International Chinese Language Teachers in Information Age, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching

Xu Xiufen and Nuo Min

Beijing: Higher Education Press

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching, pp. 279-283.

2006 Working Paper - Peer Reviewed

Chinese translation of Mohammed Keshtgar and Rob Stein's Patient Pictures: Breast Cancer

NUO, Min

Oxford, UK: Health Press
2004 Working Paper - Peer Reviewed

Chinese translation (excerpts) of Amma Darko’s Faceless. Writers of Post-Colonial English Speaking Countries (Special Issue of Visiting Writers 2004)

NUO, Min

Book International Writers Workshop, 2004, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. pp. 89-97.
2003 Working Paper - Peer Reviewed

A causal model for analyzing translated plays and performances: A study of three Chinese performances of O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night. Translation Quarterly (Special Issue VII, Selected papers at FIT Third Asian Translators’ Forum)

NUO, Min

Vol. 29, 2003. pp. 84-124.