Mr. Shaun WONG



Professional Interests

Academic English for humanities and social science 

Incidental teaching and learning strategies  

Drama and creative writing 


2022 Conference Paper / Presentation

Smart Communications: Boosting Mental Health Literacy

LAI-REEVE, Sara; Wong, Lee Long Shaun; Lai, K.K.; Chan, Gary Shueng Han

Location: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

The prevalent public health measures against the spread of the COVID-19 disease like social distancing guidelines are necessary but they can make us feel isolated and lonely. Young people are even more vulnerable. The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly issued warnings over youth mental health. Medical professionals have acknowledged the existence of COVID-induced stress and its insidious creep into the fabric of student life. Sadly, open discussions on mental health issues are often viewed as a form of weakness, if not a taboo, among students. Our exploratory project aims to re-socialize students through a collaborative mobile app (StudyBird) to boost mental health literacy and its support networks on campus. The concept of StudyBird is similar to a taxi-hiring app which connects randomly available students (both local and international students) to perform their shared social/sports/learning activities together. Once students shared their locations and activities, the system will automatically match the closest students with similar shared activities together. Without the interference of the human preferences (e.g. staying with your own kin), our app promotes and allows students from diverse cultural backgrounds to meet and mingle with one another. The preliminary results from the three test groups (n=29) indicated positive user feedback, especially about enlarging their social networks in their trusted environment, i.e. our campus. Activity matching in the app and stability of our app is yet to improve. Data analytics has been performed continuously by applying machine learning technology to the data on backend to help students predict their learning progress.

2021 Conference Paper / Presentation

The Ubiquity of Future Classrooms: Social cum Learning App (StudyBird) - Content Analyses of Students' Thoughts in Focus Group Interviews

Lai, Ki Kit; LAI-REEVE, Sara; Chan, Gary Shueng Han; Wong, Lee Long Shaun

Location: The Education University of Hong Kong