Senior Lecturer


Dr. Liang Xin has been working at the Center for Language Education (CLE) as a member of the Chinese team since 2009, teaching various Chinese courses, and writing materials for some Common Core curriculum courses.

She conducts research in the area of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, Chinese curriculum design and Chinese pedagogy. She is also interested in school Improvement and school leadership research, particularly in the context of mainland China and Hong Kong.

Professional Interests

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language

Language teaching methodology and curriculum design 

School Improvement

School leadership particularly in the context of mainland China and Hong Kong


2021 Conference Presentation

A Study on the Improvement of the Writing Ability of Advanced Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language: with a Particular Reference to the Effect of a Web-based Learning Platform

Liang Xin & Luo Jing

The 2nd International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning, Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong
2020 Journal Publication

Learning in a Project-based Classroom: The Effect of Technology

Liang Xin & Martha Lam

International Chinese Language Education, Vol 5(3),51-66
2018 Conference Presentation

A Technology-Enhanced Curriculum Design of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: The Application of Project-based learning

Martha Lam & Liang Xin

Hong Kong , China
2017 Book

Mandarin Chinese Characters: Language Practice Pad

Liang Xin & Martha Lam

Tuttle Publishing 9780804846493
2017 Journal Publication

Project-based Learning: A case study of an advanced Chinese course

Liang Xin & Martha Lam

Research on Chinese Applied Linguistics, Vol 6., 70-82
2011 Conference Presentation

Pedagogies on recognizing Chinese characters at the initial stage of Teaching Chinese as foreign language.

Liang Xin

Paper presented at The 2nd International Conference on Learning and Teaching of Han Characters, in Dae Dong, Republic of Korea, October 21–23, 2011.
2010 Book

School Improvement: Theory and Empirical Study (In Chinese)

Liang Xin & Wong Hin Wah

Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.
2010 Journal Publication

The Concept, Strategy and Role of School Development Officers in University-School Partnership: A Case Study of Hong Kong Quality School Improvement Project

Liang Xin & Wong Hin Wah

Bulletin of Educational Research,56(1),pp.99–126.
2009 Journal Publication

A theoretical framework of school substantial development: From the perspective of capacity building (In Chinese)

Liang Xin & Wong Hin Wah

Journal of the Chinese Society of Education, Vol.8, pp36–38
2009 Conference Presentation

Building leadership capacity in school improvement: A case study of middle Schools in Beijing.

Liang Xin & Wong Hin Wah

Paper presented at The 3rd Cross-strait Conference on "School Improvement and University-school Partnership", in Macau, May 22–24, 2009.
2008 Doctoral Thesis

Study of the Functions of School Leadership in School Improvement from the Perspective of Capacity Building (In Chinese)

Liang Xin

unpublished Ph.D. thesis, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
2007 Journal Publication

Study on implementation of school improvement based on the perspectives of curriculum implementation (In Chinese)

Liang Xin & Wong Hin Wah

Global Education, 36(8), pp.36–40.
2007 Journal Publication

The evolution of school improvement in the United States: From the strategy of implementation perspective (In Chinese)

Liang Xin & Wong Hin Wah

Curriculum & Instruction Quarterly, 10(2), pp.81–94.
2005 Journal Publication

School improvement: The educational reform strategy beyond the new curriculum reform (In Chinese)

Liang Xin & Tong Choi Wai

Contemporary Educational Science, 24(3) pp.19–22
2004 Journal Publication

Three issues in describing Chinese language curriculum objectives of the new curriculum (In Chinese)

Liang Xin

Language Planning, Vol. 2, pp.12–14.