CORE 1421

Chinese Communication in the Digital Era 數字時代的中文傳意

Exclusion(s) LANG1120, LANG1121, LANG1122, LANG1123, LANG1124, LANG1125, LANG1126, LANG1127, CORE1411,
CORE1412, CORE1413, CORE1414, CORE1415

CORE1421 is a Chinese communication common core course offered in Fall and Spring semesters. The course targets all students who have a background in Chinese, and a strong interest in the use of Chinese in digital media. It aims to develop and enhance students’ abilities to use Standard Written Chinese and Putonghua effectively in the context of digital media for social, professional and academic purposes. It will also help raise students’ awareness of the new linguistic demands of living and working in a contemporary Chinese community. The course will increase students' understanding of Chinese digital media and allow them to discuss digital media-related topics in-depth in Chinese. Students can improve their Chinese communication competencies as well as develop their digital literacy related to Chinese communication from the three perspectives of cognition, awareness and application.