Dr. Angie LI



Angie obtained her BA and MA in English language studies and taught English Usage, English for Technical Communication, English for Workplace Communication and Business Communication at various tertiary institutions. Prior to embarking on her career in higher education, she took up an executive position in public relations department in the hotel industry, where she gained extensive experience in PR writing. This paved the way for her to develop short PR writing course materials – Press Releases that Impress. Her interest shifted from PR writing to ICT in language acquisition after she had been exposed to the online language learning environment of HKUST. Having a keen interest in the study of ICT in language learning, she has been working on her research focusing on teachers’ beliefs about ICT in second language acquisition.

At HKUST, Angie teaches a wide range of ESP courses, ranging from academic English to English for Technical Communication. Besides teaching and conducting research, she also enjoys travelling and baking.

Professional Interests

Teachers’ beliefs in relation to ICT

Professional Development

English Language Learning Strategies

English Language Teaching Methodology